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For over 50 years, American Lumber has earned its reputation for quality, service and dedication to innovation in the hardwood lumber industry. We combine years of experience with technology and resources to help our customers succeed. Today we provide almost all North American hardwood lumber species including red and white oak, ash, cherry, poplar, maple, hickory, alder and walnut. However, we are not just American anymore! We are also a premier provider of imported hardwood lumber from South America, Africa, and Asia...Read More

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Customers worldwide expect American Lumber to provide the finest hardwood lumber and hardwood logs available today. Contact us to find out more about a hardwood solution that would work best for you.

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View American Lumber's full portfolio of domestic hardwood lumber and imported hardwood lumber offerings. Ask us about developing custom grades of hardwood lumber just for you!

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What's your rip yield? Do you care?
Do you track your lumber rip yields? How do you do it? If you are like most in the hardwood lumber industry you measure your yield based on the number of products you can produce from a specific load or by the amount of waste you have to throw away...[Read more...]