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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 15:28

How do you search for new suppliers?

I can remember the days, (just a few short years ago), when you were looking for a new product or service one of the things you did was dig out the old yellow pages and search  alphabetically or by industry. No more. If you are like us, the first thing we do is open up a web browser and type exactly what you need.  The information you receive back is more plentiful, more relevant, and…
This time of year we see lists on all different type of topics.  Whether it be what was the best of 2014, or new ways to improve in 2015, lists are everywhere.  So why not a list on how to get more out of your hardwood lumber usage in the year to come.  Here are five ideas that you might want to consider. Five ways to improve your hardwood lumber usage this year. Maximize your…
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