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Improving Your Time Management

What could be more valuable to your business than time? When you lead your business, they ways in which you manage your time have an impact on a large number of people. Because of this, whenever you can find ways to better manage your time, it can make a big difference for your entire team.

At American Lumber, we are always searching for new ways to make the most out of our work days. Here are a few things we found helpful when trying to maximize our time. DSC6023

Eliminate distractions. In the digital era, the number of time-wasting distractions from texting to social media is substantial. Email can be a big distraction, as it can constantly interrupt whatever you’re doing and lead you down a path of non-productivity. One solution is turning off email notifications on your devices. It can also be wise to set aside blocks of time, such as when you arrive at the office, before lunch, and before you leave at night, to respond to those emails.

Prioritize Tasks. People in a hurry sometimes fall into the trap of turning their attention to whatever fresh challenge or issue presents itself. The next thing they know, an entire day has passed. Actively prioritizing what needs to be done can help you avoid this trap.

Develop a Plan. Another time-management error is not preparing in advance for how you plan to spend your day. Attempting to do so on the fly doesn’t always take into account the most urgent tasks you should attend to, nor does it acknowledge the time of day when your focus and creativity is strongest.

Try plotting out the next day’s schedule at the end of your work-day.

Keep Track of your Time. There are an abundance of time-tracking apps out there to help you assess how you spend your time. Research these apps available to you and try one or two to learn more about the activities that consume your working day. The right app can pinpoint nagging distractions, activities, and other daily activities or non-planned events that keep you from making the most of your day.

Find work/life balance. Failing to plan out your personal life is another potential time-management error. Whatever you like to do in your personal life, find ways to schedule key non-work events so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

As mentioned previously, there’s nothing more valuable than the time we have. For us that has meant that these efforts have helped our hardwood lumber buyers can make more calls, our office staff can become more efficient, and our sawmill managers cut more hardwood logs throughout the week! By avoiding time-management mistakes, you and your team can get more done and leave the workplace more satisfied at the end of the day.

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