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Stand Out with Hickory

Found throughout the forests in the eastern United States, Hickory is a very popular and very attractive North American hardwood lumber species. Interestingly, before the advent of composite materials, Hickory was one of the most desired materials for products that would see heavy use and demand. In the past this it was commonly found in baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, tool handles, skis, etc. but today we see it used for tool handles due to its strong and hard characteristics.NATURE SOLID HICKORY NATURAL

Hickory certainly has its place in the tool industry, but where else can you find Hickory being used today? It may not be the first specie that comes to mind, but Hickory excels in hardwood flooring and cabinetry. The durability and hardness of Hickory works extremely well in these applications and the natural look and character make it really appealing to homeowners and designers. This includes Rustic Grade Hickory which is structurally sound with tight knots, color variations, and a very natural, rustic appeal.

The contrasting shades of Hickory’s hardwood and sapwood give Hickory lumber an almost “calico” effect. This means that one each face the amount of heartwood and sapwood varies, giving it a visually appealing look and many people use these for products that you want to truly stand out.

With all Hickory has to offer, should you consider using it on your next project or production? We commonly stock Hickory in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 thicknesses. As always, if you have any questions about Hickory or any of the other hardwoods we offer we are always happy to help.

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