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Effective Reputation Management

In our digital era, it is paramount for businesses to monitor and manage their online reputation. What may seem to be a seemingly insignificant customer complaint can cause a rippling effect that can damage your companies reputation.

At American Lumber, we are always working to maintain a positive business reputation in a variety of ways. This could be through online monitoring measures, providing high quality hardwood lumber products, or even focusing on exceptional customer service. Here are a few thoughts on ways that may help you manage and maintain the reputation of your business. DSC3922

Use Social Media regularly. Being active on social media can make a big difference in your SEO ranking. This helps your website show up higher on search engine sites such as Google or Bing. Your social media pages should include certain essentials like company name, profile photos, location, and website. Make a point to create new content regularly that will help increase the number of followers on your page. By making posts related to products, how to articles, videos of company activities and employee get togethers you can keep your audience engaged in what is going on at your business.

Craft an appealing “About Us” page. This one is one of the most important reputation management actions you can take. Create detailed “About Us” profiles of your business and also top leaders so that people can get a sense of your leadership team. It is important to realize that the desire for privacy shouldn’t equate to no online presence.

Develop employee ambassadors. Another method of effective reputation management included enlisting employees to spread the word about your business on their social media pages. It is worth the effort to take the time to designs a set of guidelines they can follow regarding posting news, comments about your business, and of course making sure that their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages are appropriately worded.

Promote customer testimonials. Customers are interested in how well others have been served by your business. That is why reviews are among the first things prospective customers check. It is up to you to collect customer testimonials to post and share on your site and social media pages. It is worth the extra effort to ask customers to post good online reviews of your products or services, such as saving time or money.

In todays high paced world, don’t assume that your reputation will take care of itself. In the ever changing digital world of marketing and sales it is important to continually monitor and address anything that could pose a risk to your online reputation. The future success of your business could depend on it.

How have you managed the reputation for your business? If you have any tips we would love to hear them!

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