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Why Your Hardwood Sawyer Is So Important

Have you ever heard the expression, “no two hardwood logs are the same”?

Boonville-sawmillWell, it is true. Each tree that is harvested is unique. Their dimensions, limb placements, and even trunk measurements are all unique. So in the conversion process from logs to hardwood boards, the role of the sawyer is critical to maximize how much usable lumber can be extracted from each log. Some say it is part science part art.

A skilled and experienced sawyer is critical to the overall success of a hardwood sawmill. We like to say that the role of the sawyer is not just to convert a hardwood log into boards, but rather, to extract the most value possible from each and every hardwood log.

When a sawyer begins to saw a log he, or she, knows each log will produce a portion of both grade lumber and industrial lumber. Grade lumber is the lumber that are used in furniture, millwork, flooring and the like. Prime, FAS, 1 Common, 2 Common and 3 Common lumber products are examples of grade lumber. Timber mats, railroad ties, and cants are some examples of industrial lumber products.

In North American hardwood logs, the highest quality boards are usually found on the outside of the log, (after the slabs are cut). Conversely, lower quality boards and the industrial grade lumber are generally found closer to the center of the log. These lumber products will typically include more knots from the early limb placements as the tree continued to grow.

As the sawyer squares up the log and prepares to create boards they are looking to maximize the amount of wide clear boards in the required thicknesses the sawmill is trying to produce. Their ability to read the log and make the proper cutting decisions with speed and accuracy is of utmost importance. The sawyer needs to be able to look at the log after each pass of the blade and make a calculation as to the value of the potential next board based on market values of green lumber.

We think we have one of the best collection of hardwood sawyers in the industry! We are grateful for their professionalism and dedication. We consider them one of our competitive advantages.

What other aspects of a sawyer’s role do you think create value? Let us know, we love to hear from you.

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