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Consider Width Sorted Hardwood Lumber

If you are familiar with the hardwood lumber industry you would know that the standard way to sell hardwood lumber is in random width and length bundles. However, quite often manufacturers will look to your suppliers to provide boards  sorted and packaged in a special way which enhances their manufacturing process.  We see requests for width sorted hardwood lumber frequently, if not daily, and we are always eager to try to accommodate!

44 PR Ash Smyrna 5inch 5 backWidth sorted lumber can help customers reduce the amount of hardwood waste they might create when manufacturing their products. The reason being is the closer they can start using a board to the final products width the better their lumber yields are going to be, which in turn, saves them money.  Some can even benefit further from ordering in exact width hardwood rips to feed their moulders, but that is not always desired.

Many species are provided in width sorted bundles. Some of our most popular species requested width sorted include hard maple, hickory, red oak and white oak. However, almost all the North American hardwood species are provided in a width sort manner including ash, cherry and others.

In general, American Lumber provides width sorted lumber ranging from 4” to 9” in ½ inch increments, (for example 5” to 5 ½” or 7” to 7 ½”), and them 10”, 11” and 12” and wider after that.

It is important to note that one of the more difficult species to obtain wide width sorts in is walnut. Walnut is known to produce narrower logs when harvested when compared to other North American species.

Also, industry wide, width sorted lumber is much more prevalent in 8/4 thicknesses and below.

Lastly, American Lumber is constantly developing customer specific sorts to help customers improve their lumber usage. We regularly supply customers lumber sorted for color, length and even certain special characteristics such as rustic grade. If you have any questions on sorted lumber, please give us a call. We would welcome the chance to help improve your hardwood lumber usage.

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