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Tropical Hardwoods and Solid Hardwood Flooring

Many people think of us as just a provider of North American hardwoods. However, that is not the case. We have developed a great deal of expertise in sourcing and providing tropical hardwood species as well, and we have found that many of these imported hardwood species are used successfully to made solid hardwood flooring. In many instances, their color, grain patterns and unique lumber figure can give a room a real enhanced level of beauty.

Several of the species we import are commonly requested by flooring manufacturers. Some of the most popular species requested include Bloodwood, Cumaru, Ipe, Jatoba, Tigerwood, Lacewood, Caribbean Rosewood, and Zebrawood. Besidesbrazilian all of these species having a high Janka rating they also have unique characteristics can be an excellent addition to any flooring manufacturer’s product line. (Some are provided as rift & quartered as well!)

Many of our customers that use imported lumber to make hardwood flooring products tell us that one of the most important aspects they need to consider is how safe the material is from which it is made from. Many of them prefer to deal with solid hardwood flooring so they can easily track the chain of custody from which it is made. Unlike engineered flooring, where the top veneer and the sub material that it is glued to can be made from totally different lumber sources and from totally different countries, manufacturing with solid hardwood lumber enables them to know the origin of the timber, the supplier of the lumber, and when needed, obtain the documentation as to how it was imported into the United States. There is also no formaldehyde used in manufacturing solid hardwood flooring, obviously, another reason why manufacturers should feel safe producing solid hardwood flooring products.

American Lumber does not provide hardwood flooring. We provide the hardwood lumber our customers need to manufacturer their own. We provide this lumber rough or surfaced. We can provide this lumber in random widths and lengths, sorted and even SLR2E. We ship in full truckload quantities and often times help our flooring customers plan a mixed load by combining certain footages of tropical and North American species.

So if you already manufacturer with tropical species, or if you are looking to expand your hardwood flooring product line, think about using a tropical hardwood species! Any if we can help you with information or supply just let us know! We are not just American anymore!

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