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How do you calculate the price you pay for your hardwood lumber?

AL PaintingDo you think there is more to hardwood lumber than the cost per board foot? We do! Many people less familiar with the industry might consider hardwood lumber a commodity, but in reality not all hardwood lumber is the same! We find that there can be many differences and they are not just species, grade and thickness.

We all know that the market rate for hardwood lumber is influenced by supply and demand. With hundreds of producers and thousands of buyers there is no doubt that pricing changes. However, many times the true price you pay for hardwood lumber is more than what the cost per board foot you pay. There are other costs to your business that should also be factored in when deciding to purchase your hardwood lumber.

For example, what would be the cost to your business if:

  • Your hardwood lumber did not arrive on time?
  • The lumber you ordered was off grade?
  • The supplier you chose ran out of your inventory item?
  • Your employees struggled to resolve invoicing issues or received less than adequate service?
  • Your order documentation was inaccurate?

When dealing with our customers we try to stress the importance of determining the overall value you receive from the lumber you order versus just the base price you pay. In business, time is money and mistakes cause waste!

Don’t get us wrong, the price your hardwood supplier offers you must be comparable to the going market rate. However, your supplier should also offer product solutions that help you achieve higher lumber yields, reduced handling charges, easier payment processing, improved delivery times and much, much more. That’s what we mean by receiving a better value for your business.

If you think you could benefit from more or better lumber on a regular basis, contact us. We would be happy to help!

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