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Five Suggestions to Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Just like many other industries, those of us in the hardwood lumber industry are constantly looking for ways to satisfy customers in ways other than a price concession. It is not always easy, but we have found that focusing on a few value added concepts that improve communication and build stronger relationships can help.
michael wang lowWe strive to focus on these areas daily and work hard to make these part of our overall corporate culture. Maybe you would see value in some of them as well.

Be responsive. First-class service is the foundation for any positive customer experience, and we find it is very important in the hardwood lumber business. Invest in developing your employees and the tools they use to ensure they can respond quickly to customer inquiries of any kind.

Be attentive. Listening to customers is a key element of responsiveness. Customers may not always know exactly what they need or how to express their product interests in your terms. Sometimes they depend on you to help them determine the best solutions to their problems—and this often requires active listening on your part. Regardless if it is in face-to-face or digital communications, ask the right questions so you can achieve a resolution quicker.

Be engaged online. Many businesses in the hardwood lumber industry are still grappling with how to handle social media and add it to their customer service mix. Be assured—your customers are encountering the same challenge with their target audience, and many are opting to dive in head-first. Social media is a very effective way to engage with your customers which could strengthen relations and improve overall satisfaction.

Be proactive. Great service comes as a result of a deep knowledge of your customer’s business. Vendors and suppliers should know what’s most important to their customers and have a good sense of their product needs and challenges. If you can resolve an issue the customer didn’t even know he had, you’re doing your job and keeping your customers satisfied.

Keep things simple. When offering products or answers to customer issues, how complex are your answers? We all know our customers are busy and business is complex. People want to keep things simple whenever possible.

At American Lumber, we try to do these things with all our customers. If you are looking for a hardwood supplier that is focused on delivering high customer satisfaction in all aspects of your dealings with them, give us a call. We will do our best to help you.

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