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Width Sorted Hardwoods for Wide Plank Flooring

It is no secret, wide plank hardwood flooring is very popular in new home construction and remodeling projects. Actually, wide plank flooring has been popular for many years.  If you think about how homes were built years ago you will recall that wide plank flooring was the flooring of choice in the colonial days! It could be said that today home owners are really just trying to try to recapture that "colonial" or "country like" feel in their modern homes.

44 RUSTIC HickoryToday, many flooring manufacturers will use reclaimed barn lumber to create their wide plank flooring, especially if they are going for that rustic look.  However, others will start with new kiln dried lumber and work with their hardwood lumber suppliers to secure the specific lumber that they need.

At American Lumber, we serve manufacturers of wide plank flooring with predominately custom grade kiln dried hardwood lumber sorts or special ripped to width hardwood product that help them in their manufacturing process. 

For example, recently we have been working with flooring manufacturers to develop a special hardwood product that is uniform in color, has a custom designed and defined defect specification and is also SLR2E to an exact width that works for their specific manufacturing process.  Usually these widths are requested to be 6” or 7”. However, we have also seen customers asking for special hardwood lumber width sorts all the way up to 10”. 4/4 1 Common White Oak 10” and wider, 4/4 Rustic Hickory 11” and wider, and 4/4 Walnut Prime 10” and wider are just a few of the special sorts some of our flooring customers have been asking for.

We have also developed special custom grades specifically for flooring applications and even helped customers with a steady, consistent supply of rift and quartered lumber across many different species when required.

If you manufacture wide plank flooring and are looking for a supplier you can work with to obtain the hardwood lumber you need, let us know.  As we say, challenge us! We’ll do our best to get you the lumber you need!

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