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New York State Sourced Hard Maple Lumber

Hard Maple is one of the most commonly used and one of the most popular hardwood lumber species. Used in a variety of products, from furniture to cabinets, stairs, paneling, woodenware, and more, the versatility of the species is impressive.

One of the most common uses for Hard Maple is cabinetry. But markets constantly change, and over the last few years, we have seen some customers that used 4/4 1 Common and 2 Common Soft Maple in their cabinetry manufacturing, are now making the transition to Hard Maple. What is behind this shift? Simple. The value that Hard Maple provides.

Hard Maple typically has a larger than average log size. Which provides a higher amount of white fiber, also known as sapwood. This makes it extremely desirable for cabinet manufacturers, even if they end up painting the end product.

While market pricing is constantly changing, the price for Hard Maple and Soft Maple is typically comparable. So many times it makes sense to go with Hard Maple. Beyond price, however, customers in a plethora of hardwood product manufacturers find that where the location of Hard Maple is sourced makes a difference and is worth consideration when purchasing.

The growing region for Hard Maple is vast. Ranging from Minnesota to Maine and from Canada all the way down to Kentucky. Over the years Hard Maple from New York State has been particularly desirable depending on its end product usage and as a supplier who operates a number of hardwood sawmills and concentration yards in New York, we certainly understand the reasons why!ALHardMaple

When we source Hard Maple for our sawmills, much of the timber comes via private landowners. Our team of experienced foresters develop partnerships with the landowners which continue throughout the entirety of the forest management process. This includes project planning, timber selection, harvesting, and restoration.

The sawmills we have located throughout New York state offer us the ability to maximize our log procurement and at the same time transport those logs to the closest sawmill. How does this benefit our customers? It allows us to offer more consistently hardwood lumber as the lumber is sourced from very similar regions, with similar grain patterns, colors, etc.

We regularly saw Hard Maple at our sawmills, ranging in thicknesses from 4/4 to 8/4 and occasionally thicker 10/4, 12/4, and 16/4. By directly dealing with landowners and the forestry process from start to finish it allows us to produce some of the highest quality Hard Maple in the industry.

Do you use Hard Maple lumber in your production? Hard Maple lumber from New York state might be worth some consideration!

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