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Eight Traits We Look for in a Hardwood Lumber Supplier

The hardwood lumber industry is not that different from other industries.  To be successful we need great employees, loyal customers and a team of great suppliers.

Some people might not realize this, but even though we harvest, saw and dry our own hardwood lumber, we still purchase in a great deal of green and kiln dried lumber to meet the demands of our customers.  So with that in mind we feel we understand what hardwood lumber buyers think make for a great supplier?

From the experiences and opinions of our hardwood lumber buyers here are eight characteristics we feel make for a great hardwood lumber supplier.White Oak American Lumber

  • Knowledge – Information is power and when your suppliers can be a subject matter expert for you or a source of important current industry information it will help you make better decisions for your business.
  • Experience – Hardwood lumber suppliers who has navigated the ebbs and flows of the market and can share with you creative ways to solve issues can help you develop a true competitive advantage.
  • Supply – When you can call on one supplier and know that they will have all the hardwood lumber species, grades, thicknesses and widths you might need, (or will find it for you), it helps you be more efficient!
  • Work Ethic – Having someone on your supply team that will work hard to get you what you need when and where you need it as if they are a member of your team is invaluable.
  • Positive Attitude – When you work with someone that is determined to find the good in a situation and will work hard to meet your needs it makes for a much better experience.
  • Service Resources – You will need support. Knowing your supplier has a team of hardwood lumber professionals ready to help you when the need arises helps you never miss a beat.
  • Honesty – Great relationships are built on honesty and trust. Being open, sharing facts and discussing critical issues often builds bonds that both will benefit from.
  • Ease – Available, accurate, flexible, creative, dependable and responsive are just a few qualities that can make a supplier someone who is easy to do business with.   

Each and every day we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in all of these areas.  If we could do this for you drop me an email and I'll connect you to one of our great American Lumber sales managers!

What other qualities do you think make for a great hardwood lumber supplier?  Let us know!

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