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Top Sorts Requested for Walnut Hardwood Lumber.

Walnut is one of the most popular North American hardwood lumber species and American Lumber provides walnut to our customers in many different ways.

Walnut lumberSince walnut is one of the more expensive North American hardwoods, customers try to be very specific about the lumber they order so not to accumulate unusable inventory or produce too much lumber waste.  To accomplish this they are many times looking for specific custom sorts designed to work best in their manufacturing process.

Over time, we have found that these are five of the more common walnut sorts requested by our customers.

  • 90/90 and 90/50 Walnut - These walnut sorts refer to the amount of heartwood visible on each face are mostly sought after by high end cabinet makers and moulding manufacturers.  Hardwood lumber distributors also look to stock these type of products because they move quickly and can turn into repeat business very easily.
  • Walnut graded on oak rules. This special sort usually delivers lumber yield results that are better than normal industry walnut grades.
  • 4/4 Walnut Prime Strips – Mostly requested by flooring manufacturers, this product is generally requested in widths between 6” and 10”.  It can be very difficult to source because it takes a long time to accumulate a full load for shipment in these widths.
  • Walnut Super Prime – A high end walnut sort that is the very best available in the grade. It is available in multiple thicknesses and lengths ranging from 6’-16’.
  • Rustic Walnut -  A product full of character and in high demand in the flooring industry in width sorts ranging from 3.5” to 7.5” and more.

There are many other special walnut sorts available such as clear 1 face and live sawn walnut products.  All of them are commonly requested products in the hardwood lumber industry.  If you are a manufacturer that uses walnut for your products perhaps ordering your lumber in more specific sorts can help you improve your overall lumber usage.  If you do, make sure your hardwood lumber supplier can provide you with the sorts your desire on a regular and consistent basis.

We help customers with special Walnut items all the time.  If you have something specific you are looking for or want to develop please let us know!

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