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Can the hardwood lumber industry appeal to Millennials?

Here are five suggestions we have found can help companies find ways to attract and recruit young men and women hardwood lumber  business: 

1. Focus on culture, employee experiences and brand. Millennials are drawn to companies they can identify with on a personal level. Before they’re willing to look further, they want to get a sense of your internal culture, how the organization is structured, whether employees feel like part of the growth strategy, and so on. Invest in developing your corporate culture and emphasize the reasons people like to work for your company. Also communicate a consistent brand message throughout everything you do so your reputation builds and is well understood in the marketplace.

American Lumber hardwood lumber logo painting2. Realize social responsibility is important. Generally speaking, millennials want to be part of an organization committed to bettering society and the world we live in. They are attracted to work for businesses that are “more than just another company.” Consider being involved in community development, non-profit support or nature preservation programs.

Fortunately, we in the hardwood lumber industry can point to our environmentally-friendly policies and selective harvesting techniques as a key point in the hiring process. However, we must tell the story because the average person doesn’t understand how socially responsible we are as an industry.

3. Keep your website current.

After coming across your job posting, the first thing Millennials will do is check out your business website. A modern, current, sophisticated and engaging site instantly lends credibility to your business. Ensure your website is easily usable on a smartphone and tablet as well. Focus on ease of use, interactive content and utilize plenty of images. They’re also checking for signs of a thriving social media presence so consider being active in online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

4. Differentiate your interviewing process.

Take your interviewing process to the next level. Remember that when you’re interviewing someone, he or she is evaluating you, too. If your interview process feels routine and uninspired, the candidate may not feel particularly excited about coming to work for you. Instead, focus your questions on their motivations and ambitions. Ask them about previous job achievements and what part of their jobs made them feel most engaged. Dig deeper into why they might want to work for your company and what would likely inspire them in their new position. Give then a tour of your facility and have them speak to recent new hires who are thriving in your company to better understand your culture and what makes it a great place to work.

5. Communicate the potential career path and advancement opportunities.

Millennials are keenly interested in a career path that involves steadily increasing responsibility and one that adds meaning to their lives. Any position viewed as a “dead-end job” will quickly kill their interest in working for you. As part of the interviewing process, demonstrate the value of the job under consideration, as well as training and mentoring opportunities your company may offer. Let candidates see how coming on board will play a key role in the growth of your business and their growth as a professional.

What do you find are good ways to appeal to the next generation of hardwood lumber professionals? Let us know. Share your experiences. Maybe we can help each other attract new employees to the industry.

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