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Do you ask for referrals?

Just like any other B2B business, hardwood lumber professionals can benefit from receiving sales referrals. Whether you are a hardwood manufacturer, distributor, lumber wholesaler or importer, when you receive a referral from one of your customers it is a great opportunity.

If you could benefit from increasing the amount of referrals you receive each month consider focusing on some of these proven tips to help generate more referrals in the hardwood lumber industry:jimmy fang american lumber

1. Prepare your business to act on referrals.

Before you approach customers or others in your network, it’s important to make sure your business is ready to act on the referrals you’re soliciting. For example, assess the quality of your products, analyze the degree of customer service you provide, determine if any delivery improvements are required. If any aspect of your business is less than excellent, make whatever improvements are necessary so that when you ask for referrals, you can approach the leads you receive with complete confidence that whatever a prospective customer asks for, you can provide.

2. Make it a habit to ask!

It’s surprising how often businesses simply neglect to ask their customers for sales referrals. With everything else going on, asking for referrals sometimes gets buried or overlook. But it shouldn’t. One tip is to make it a standard procedure after a significant customer facing event. One idea is to make it a habit to ask upon completing the delivery of your products or services. That Is usually a time when everyone feels good about the transaction. Another opportune time to ask might be when you receive a compliment from your client or someone calls to tell you how satisfied they were with a recent exchange.

3. Keep it simple. Make it easy.

Your customers are busy just like you are. Sometimes a customer would be happy to recommend you to others but simply just doesn’t make the time to do so. One way to overcome that is to make referring you simple! Consider the best practice of providing your customer contact a “forward-able” introduction with relevant background and contact information that they can send along to a prospect on your behalf. This might be just the thing they need to help you with an introduction.

4. Consider giving referrals.

Leading by example is sometimes a good thing. Showing a willingness to offer referrals to your customers can foster goodwill and help lay the foundation for them to think about providing your name as a referral in the future. If you can genuinely help your clients by introducing them to a businesses you know can use their services you’ll become known as a reliable source for recommendations, develop a culture of trust and deepen your relationship with your customer.

5. Look to social media for preferred introductions.

Social media can be a great way to connect with prospective customers. It can also be a fertile ground to determine who you might want to be introduced to. Spruce up you online profiles, check the connections of who you are connected to and research who you want to be introduced to and who might be a good resource to connect you with them.

So next time you are talking to one of your satisfied customers remember to ask them for a referral. And if you come across someone looking for a great hardwood lumber supplier let us know!

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