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Strengthening Your Brand

In a quest to keep their customers happy, many companies struggle with focusing on developing the power and value of their brand. A strong brand is important since a successful brand conveys it’s value and benefits the customer can expect and serve as a guidepost for business during inevitable up and downs in the market.strongbrand

We work hard to boost our brand awareness here at American Lumber. Our goal has always been to deliver high-quality hardwood lumber products paired with some of the best customer service in the industry.

However, even the most successful businesses could always benefit from strengthening their brand. Here are a few tips you may find helpful to keep in mind: 

Envision your brand as a “promise” to customers. It’s always important to think of your brand with the companies you serve in mind. However, companies are made up of employees who are also consumers in and of themselves. Many times consumers come to expect a certain level of service and product integrity from businesses they interact with. 

In terms of business-to-business interactions, whenever that business encounters your brand whether that be by clicking on your website, speaking to a salesperson, directing a query to customer service, they are relying on the implicit promise you’ve made to always provide high-quality products and support. 

Improve the quality of your website. What is one of the first things many prospective customers find when researching your business? Your website. Not only will they use your website to conduct research on your company, but they will also explore a variety of sites that are relevant to that search.

With your website often being your first impression to prospective customers, make sure this key element of effective branding doesn’t get neglected. Your site should always be informative, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and structured. 

Also, take advantage of the potential selling power of your site by adding videos, blogs, etc. that clearly describe what your products or services do, and, most importantly, how they address concerns and challenges faced by prospective customers.

Emphasize customer service. A business that is known for its customer service is already ahead of the game. Quality products are a key factor in strengthening your brand, but just as important are customer-facing elements. A few things you can do to meet this need are:

  • Offer multiple channels of support (customer service agent, email, FAQs, etc.). 
  • Empower your customer service team by giving them all the information and authority possible. 
  • Have a “customer-first” mindset that anticipates customer concerns before they appear. 
  • Serve as an industry resource by providing tips, insights, and other content-rich support to customers with complex issues and challenges.  

Never forget that a strong brand is essential to the future growth of every business.

Have any tips you found helpful in strengthening your brand? Let us know!

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