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Get to know Red Grandis

For some time, American Lumber has been proud to offer a variety of tropical hardwoods. One of these is Red Grandis. Red Grandis is a plantation-grown species that is grown in the North-Western part of Uruguay. It is 100% FSC certified and the supplier does a fantastic job managing this product and resource.Red Grandis

When looking at the physical characteristics of Red Grandis a few things stand out. The coloration of the heartwood on Red Grandis lumber ranges from pale pink to medium pink hue. Its sapwood, however, is not always distinguishable and is often paler in tone. It is a beautiful hardwood species.

The Red Grandis we offer is a true FAS/1F product that is all 6”+ wider, generally with widths up to 10-12” wide and an average of about 8” in a majority of bundles. 

In addition to the typical FAS/1F stock we carry, Red Grandis is also available at a lower cost in sideboards. The sideboards are the boards produced from the first cut into the log, giving this product a nice amount of sapwood per board. These boards would be ideal for interior applications, either in its natural color or as a painted product.

We are excited to be an authorized distributor of Red Grandis in a variety of thicknesses: 4/4”, 5/4”, 6/4”, and 8/4”. Red Grandis is known in the United States market as a consistent product because of its one species; one plantation; one mill production approach. Additionally, it machines and finishes very well which has made it a popular hardwood lumber species that is used widely in cabinets, millwork, windows, doors, and furniture.

Think Red Grandis could work for you? American Lumber is proud to be an authorized distributor of Red Grandis from Urufor and would be happy to have the opportunity to discuss this species or any of the other tropical (or even North American) hardwood lumber species you may need.

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