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Tips on Setting Goals for Employees and Businesses

Whether you are in the hardwood or any other industry, setting goals for the future is always a good idea! Sometimes coming up with goals, to begin with, can be challenging, and to compound matters, many organizations (and people) typically fall short of seeing these goals through to completion.

At American Lumber, we believe that it is important to assess where we stand today and set strong goals for the future. In pursuit of that goal, here are a few tips we came across that we found particularly helpful. Maybe they will be valuable to you as well.goalsetting

Use the SMART method. 

The SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time) is an important tool that enhances employee goal setting through its use. Additionally, these same principles can be used when setting organization-wide objectives as well. When evaluating the state of your business and determine new goals going forward, make sure these goals fit a few important criteria:

  •  Achieved within a specific timeframe
  •  Fit into a measurable framework
  •  Tied to broader strategic objectives

If you take these factors into consideration, you will find that achieving goals can be easier and much less frustrating along the way.

Take practical steps.

No matter what goals you set—drive new sales, boost customer loyalty, expand into a new location—the key is not trying to do to many things all at once.

Once a goal has been set, look for ways to break down that goal into smaller, more practical steps you can achieve. Some helpful questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What can you do today or tomorrow that helps you progress towards your ultimate objective?
  • What type of action plan can be laid out in concrete steps that move your company forward?

Observe progress.

When taking a “practical step” approach, it’s oftentimes effective to observe and progress towards your stated goals through weekly or monthly reviews. Taking a moment to assess progress boosts awareness and recognition of how what has been achieved so far, and the next steps that are required to reach your ultimate goal. By establishing milestones you and your team can meet helps keep momentum going strong.

Don’t get discouraged.

Working towards a goal you have set and working to accomplish it isn’t always foolproof. Mistakes can happen. It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to goals progress often overcomes mistakes.  Don’t wait until the situation is perfect in order to get started. Instead, learn from a mistake, and use newfound knowledge and ideas to continue forward.

Use your Resources.

Commitment is crucial to goal setting, and with commitment comes the duty to leverage all available resources to get the job done. Often this means delaying some operations in order use those resources in pursuit of your objective.

Be Cognizant of Organizational Goals.

If your organization has identified a key objective it’s critically important to communicate that objective to employees and work to boost awareness of goal-related activities. Sometimes priorities change. As part of the process, team members should be notified of changes so they can adapt their activities to support these goals.

Ensure Employee Goals Align with Organizational Goals.

Sometimes targeted goals are blocked by employees’ confusion over how they fit in with the organization’s objectives.

Therefore, to align their individual goals with the big picture, it is important to continuously emphasize and explain how an employee’s progress towards his or her individual goals aligns with the larger, strategic objectives. The more employees understand the company’s strategy, the more motivated they are to align their efforts accordingly.

Whether you are a sawmill, wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or another type of business, setting (and committing to) goals will always help your business move forward and stay competitive. What goals or thoughts do you have in mind for your organization?  We would love to hear your thoughts!

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