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Why North American Hardwoods are the Responsible Choice

There is no doubt that when you step back and take a look at the hardwood lumber industry as a whole it truly is a unique and rewarding industry to be in. Some people enjoy the challenges and complexity of the industry, others may enjoy the relationships that can be built, or even the global nature of the business.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the hardwood lumber industry a ton to offer. This is especially true when looking at hardwoods as a resource. Hardwoods are responsibly manufactured, natural, unquestionably beautiful, and when used in the products we all use every day the often last generations! That's a lot to be proud of.hardwoodsresponsible

With this in mind, here are a few thoughts on why we believe that hardwoods are a responsible choice.

Hardwoods are Sustainable – Many times, people unfamiliar with the hardwood industry are surprised to learn that North American hardwood forests are in fact growing, abundant and self-generating.  Some reports indicate that there is even twice as much new growth than what is being harvested for timber. The key lies in the responsible timber harvesting techniques used by foresters. This means only the mature, overcrowded, diseased, dying, and poorly formed trees are cut for timber. By following these responsible forestry practices, it allows these forests to thrive. 

Carbon Sequestration – As trees grow they absorb and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, separate carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen, and then the oxygen is returned to the air. 

Hardwoods excel at storing the carbon that remains and using it to grow branches, leaves, and even the trunk of the tree.  The remainder of the carbon is stored (sequestered). The great part about carbon sequestration in hardwood forests is that not only is the carbon stored just for the life of the tree, but for the life of the products made as well! 

This is a huge benefit many other materials and resources do not offer. Products made with North American hardwoods contribute to the long-term sequestration of carbon. Playing a major role in helping the environment. 

Hardwoods are a Natural Resource – Over the last few years there has been a push from customers that are demanding natural, safe, and healthy products that don’t put family, friends, pets, and the environment at risk. Particularly in the realm of chemical additives, carcinogens, or detrimental manufacturing processes.

In terms of material concerns, hardwoods offer a safely manufactured, responsibly harvested, product that also offers an unrivaled beauty, warmth, and feel to almost any product. From hardwood cabinetry to hardwood flooring, furniture, etc. products made with hardwoods are as about as natural as they come!

Little to No Waste -  Many industries have by-products as a part of their production process. This is not a problem in the hardwood industry!  Many people are surprised to hear that every aspect of a hardwood log is used and none of it is wasted. 

After a mill saws logs into the boards, the by-products created such as lumber chips, tree bark, and sawdust are then often used in the creation of energy or to satisfy agricultural needs.

The benefits of hardwood lumber as a resource are numerous, and also what makes working in the hardwood lumber industry so rewarding and appealing. While hardwoods do make many beautiful products that is only part of the story. It is important that we bring to the forefront all the positive aspects hardwood products and the industry as a whole have to offer. Hardwoods are not a thing of the past, but the responsible choice for the future! 

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