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Wednesday, 20 January 2021 15:49

Adding a Personal Touch in a High-Tech World

The sales process can oftentimes be complicated. As a result, businesses may end up focusing too much on automated operations to keep things moving.  But this often falls short of that all-important personal touch.

Here at American Lumber, we understand that everything from a phone call to a web ad contributes to a customer’s perception and overall experience and that every touchpoint with the customer should be positive and make them feel valued.PersonalTouch

Here are things we found valuable to keep in mind when it comes to providing a personal touch to you valued customers: 

Make life easier for your customers. Speaking of automation, there are a number of ways technology can be used to give customers an easier way to stay in touch with you. Customers are often very busy. No one wants to be kept waiting on hold or shuffled around when they need to speak with a representative at your company. Do all that you can to be easy to contact when they need you.  

Create a strong social media presence. Many potential customers are active on social media. Often using their favorite platforms to research suppliers and learn more about relevant market conditions. If your company doesn’t already have a strong presence on main social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) now’s the time to start building your social media presence.

By building your presence on these popular channels, you give customers and prospects another way to interact with you. This can be especially effective if your customers face an issue with your product or customer service process. They may choose to express their displeasure on social media, making it absolutely necessary to respond.  

In such cases, the best course of action is to start with a public apology on the issue the customer is experiencing and asking them to message you directly or suggest they call, email, or submit a service ticket for assistance. This sort of rapid response sends two messages. First, that you listen closely to your customers; and second, that you provide multiple venues in which to gain the support our customers need. 

Provide guidance and advice. Another area of issue may be the potential complexity around the products and services you offer. Often, your insight could be an extremely valuable resource for potential customers. For example, depending on what works best for a customer, we recommend to them a variety of different hardwood sorts, grades, and even ripped-to-width hardwood lumber to customers when we feel it can provide them the best overall value! 

By making such guidance available you demonstrate a commitment to a personal touch. Consider offering: 

  • Updated and relevant content (articles, blogs, videos, etc.) related to your industry
  • Details on your product or service and the value it provides customers
  • An easy and convenient method for customers to for speak with a company representative 

The more services you can offer customers, the more you are able to differentiate your business from the competition. You also demonstrate to your customers that you will be there for them over the long term. 

As we’ve said before, business transactions and support can sometimes be complicated. But there’s nothing complicated about the idea that top-notch customer service leads to customer loyalty. When you can solve a problem or even give customers a fresh way of facing a challenge, you strengthen the relationship between buyer and seller. 

What ways have you found effective when trying to add a personal touch when working with customers? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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