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Creating a Culture of Diversity within your Organization

Many business leaders are coming to find that diversity in the workplace is great for business. The more diverse your workforce the better your organization will be in understanding the needs of both customers and employees. Diversity brings the possibility of new perspectives and personalities to your business and your workplace in general, allowing you to better adapt as challenges arise. DSC1182 2

Here at American Lumber, we strive to embrace a hiring policy that embraces all candidates, no matter their background. We also make a point to understand that diversity can cover a vast range of categories and our hiring should reflect the extremely diverse array of clients we serve across the globe.

If you have been thinking of ways in which you could increase the diversity within your organization, here are a few tips we found helpful:

Broaden your perspectives. Often, change starts at the top. If you and your executive team want to increase diversity you should strive to embrace a wide spectrum of views, which in turn depends upon becoming better educated about different cultures and life experiences.

Communicate your pledge to diversity. Let everyone know that your company is committed to a policy of diversity in the workplace. Make it clear that you value the input provided by people coming from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Also, their diverse perspectives are often a great way to find new solutions to pressing organizational challenges.  

Reevaluate hiring policies. Have your HR team analyze every aspect of your company’s existing hiring process and flush out any actions that reduce, rather than expand, the range of qualified applicants for open positions. Explore the benefits of diversity training, so that everyone understands that inclusiveness is a benefit for business and should be promoted at all levels. 

Boost Awareness. We’re all still susceptible to making insensitive remarks to co-workers or colleagues from time to time. To offset this and become more attuned to others’, pay close attention to your interactions with coworkers. These are valuable educational and growth experiences and your team members will appreciate your efforts.

Everyone could stand to benefit from a higher level of cultural awareness and a commitment to embracing diversity in hiring. We have found great value in having a diverse group of team members here at American Lumber. In no area has it been more apparent for us than in our team of Lumber Traders, which collective experience and diverse backgrounds have helped us meet the needs of our customers around the world.

In a world that is constantly evolving, we have found embracing diversity to be the most effective way to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Have any tips that you found useful when trying to boost diversity within your workforce? If so, we would love to hear them!

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