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Ways You Can Show Gratitude to Your Loyal Customers

To instill loyalty in customers, some businesses believe that providing high-quality products or services is sufficient. In some ways, this is still the case. If you offer low-quality products and services you can’t expect to generate much repeat business. Many organizations are starting to understand that loyalty isn’t something that is created overnight, but something that is cultivated over time after building strong relationships with customers.

In addition to the obvious benefits of customers feeling appreciated, it can also result in higher customer retention rates, greater sales, and even customers giving you the benefit of the doubt and a second chance in situations where you fail to meet their expectations. DSC8127

Looking to show appreciation to your customers? Here are a few tips that we have found valuable.

Help customers network. You probably know of businesses that would benefit from your customers’ goods or services. By connecting them with potential customers you are able to demonstrate your value to them as a trusted resource.

Keep them informed of upgrades or changes in your business. Many times customers welcome the news of product upgrades and other developments in your organization. This is especially true if they might favorably affect them.

We have found this helpful typically when announcing new custom grades of hardwood lumber, or an upgrade at one of our sawmills. Through blog posts, newsletters, videos and other avenues, stay in touch with customers and share news that has may have some effect on how they conduct business.

Build a relationship with the customer. Building a relationship with a customer can make a big difference when trying to build customer loyalty. Even something as simple as spending time together in an informal setting strengthening your relationship with the customer. It is also important to communicate how much you care.  Why go to all this effort? Because the emphasis on customer retention can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Business is all about relationships. Creating new ones and strengthening those that already exist. In this way, a demonstration of gratitude is a key element of sustaining relationships that benefit everyone involved and can lead to new opportunities for your business through referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. By making a conscious effort to avoid taking a customer for granted, and making them feel appreciated it can be a crucial part of your strategy for long-term growth.

What ways have you found effective in showing appreciation to your valued customers? Have any thoughts? We would love to hear them!

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