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The Beauty of Bloodwood

In the past, Bloodwood was a deep, dark gorgeous vibrant red color. It was truly a unique looking hardwood species.44 PR Bloodwood Worldwood 3

While that variant of Bloodwood has been gone for quite a few years, for the most part, today Bloodwood is still a red-colored hardwood.  It does show some variance from light red to dark red and the color can also darken over time with exposure to direct sunlight.

Bloodwood is very dense and has a straight or slightly interlocked grain. Due to this, it has a tendency to show some surfacing checking during the drying process. To combat this, we take extra care every step of the way when drying Bloodwood at our Cove City, NC facility. Fortunately, most minor surface checking will surface right out later.

As mentioned above, due to its dense nature, care must be used when working with Bloodwood. However, for those who choose to go with Bloodwood, the extra effort pays off with a beautiful red finish that is used for flooring, inlays, furniture, cabinets, carvings, musical instruments and for other purposes as well.

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