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Monday, 28 October 2019 17:08

Give Yellow Birch Some Thought

For many people in the hardwood lumber industry, when they hear of Yellow Birch the first thing that comes to mind is for its use in plywood. However, if you look past this, there are many other applications in which Yellow Birch is perfectly suited for use.

For example, recently the cabinet industry has seen an increase in demand for painted cabinet finishes. With this shift, we have seen an increase in demand for paint grade hardwoods for many cabinet manufacturers, including Yellow Birch. Yellow Birch as been uses as a substitute for Hard or Soft Maple in cabinetry applications because Birch is a hard and strong, close-grained wood, with a very subtle, indistinct grain. As a side benefit, Yellow Birch is often cheaper per board foot than Hard and Soft Maple.Birch DSC8501

In the past, natural characteristics such as grain pattern and color of some of the more unique hardwood species like Walnut, Cherry or Oak were what was more desirable. However, that appears to have shifted. With painted cabinets in colors like whites, creams, neutral pastels, or even grays and blacks have been where designers have shifted their focus.  

Yellow Birch is also a great choice in other products such as furniture, furniture legs, interior trim, architectural woodwork, posts, and even hardwood flooring due to it's heavy, hard, and strong qualities.

Typically, Yellow Birch is harvested throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and the New England states, even into parts of the Appalachian regions, and we have sawmills throughout the areas that Yellow Birch grows to get you the stock you need for your production.

We stock Yellow Birch in 4/4 and 5/4 thicknesses, with some limited availability in thicker and color selected stock. We can even surface (S2S) or straight line rip (SLR2E) Yellow Birch upon request.

Curious about using Yellow Birch for your application? Let us know how we can help!

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